Past present or future data in a mapped context made actionable

Whats a MapChain?

A MapChain is a past, present or future actionable view of your data on a map to give it ‘location’ and ‘time’ context. Share a MapChain externally with customers so they see what you do, or internally with your team to make better informed business decisions.

Do you see opportunity how a MapChain could benefit your business but have trouble allocating the knowledge and resources to build one ?

Building a good MapChain is a challenging task. Users demand a seamless secured and personalised experience with an intuitive actionable representation. Internally it requires a secured infrastructure without risk of lost or theft of data while assimilating all your required data sources. Furthermore, you may even require assimilating data from external sources or competitors requiring tailor made components that need to be maintained.

We understand that building a MapChain for complex mapped visualisations requires multi disciplinary skills and tools that you are not always able to allocate.

Building a MapChain requires multi disciplinary skills and tools

Don’t let this hold you back and under-represent your business to customers, when they can actually see and experience what you do on a MapChain. It’s just wrong to not include location intelligence in your teams decision making when your business could benefit from it.

Let your business grow with better team decision making based on the actionable location-intelligence of a MapChain.

At MapChain we have experienced these challenges first hand the past decade as traffic-engineers. We have build MapChain’s involving hundreds of different live data sources from internal and 3rd party api’s while operating under strict security regulations. Our MapChain’s users are network-operators that required a seamless experience of past, present and future road-traffic conditions. This is how we have developed the necsessary skills and tools to quickly build mapchains for other businesses as well and are eager to get started with yours.

(706) 612-5357 is an iterative process that typically requires a couple of weeks. First we jointly start by defining the map, its functionalities and draw up the infrastructure to extract the necessary data. Second we spawn and configure this infrastructure on our side, assimilate all the different data sources and bring it together on a dedicated server for your map. And finally we connect your infrastructure in a secured, read-only way to ours and are ready to go. 212-521-6088

When we get to action, we will make sure to respect all your concerns and agree to them. We will put to writing that you remain the owner of the data and when you stop using our service we will immediately dismantle the infrastructure and delete all data.

Once we have the MapChain running you are now able to share more information with your customers or make better decisions that help you thrive your business. 

Would you like to know more what a MapChain could do for you?  ask us.